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Polly Hughes - Nursery Manager


Jude Fowler - Finches

Emma Price - Wrens                                        Phonics lead

Year 1:

Isabella Martin (maternity cover)- Owls          

Victoria White (maternity)

Sue Fisher/Kay Pearce - Larks                        Art & Design lead    RE lead

Year 2:

Thomas Hayward- Swifts                                  History lead

Thea Armstrong - Kingfishers

Year 3: 

Kayleigh McGregor- Jays                                PSHE/SRE lead

Carina Goodwin - Woodpeckers

Year 4:

Sarah Winter - Kites                                        French lead

Katie Wilson- Puffins 

Year 5: 

Sarah Smith - Eagles                                          DT lead

Alex Hawkins - Kestrels                                    Computing lead

Year 6: 

Jodie Lear - Swans 

Sarah O'Grady - Ospreys 


Nicola Stratford (PE lead Mon-Weds)

Sophie Morrish (science lead Weds-Fri)

Rachel Wallace (music lead)

Hayley Nicholls (maths lead)


Senior Leaders:
Keely Folker (Headteacher)
Siobhan Price (Deputy Headteacher)
Carina Dixon (Assistant Headteacher: Assessment Leader)

Kathy Haig (School Business Manager)

Leadership Team:

Jude Fowler (EYFS Phase lead)

Thea Armstrong (Key Stage 1 Phase lead)

Katie Wilson (Lower Key Stage 2 Phase lead & Parental Engagement)

Sarah O'Grady (Upper Key Stage 2 Phase lead)

Jodie Lear (English)
Hayley Nicholls (Maths) 
Toni Worgan (INCO)

Support Staff - Class Based


Layla Dovey/Karen Coward/Laura James

Reception Teaching Partners:

Paula Bourne/Clare Twinning/Laura Crisp/Fathima Mohamed

Year 1 Teaching Partners:

Claire Ellery/Libby Mason/Sasha Hawkins

Laura Horner (maternity)

Year 2 Teaching Partners:

Wayne Murphy/Rachel Hunt/Nikki Beacham/Grace McIntosh/Terri Godwin

Year 3 Teaching Partners:

Gail Kavanagh/Caz Hogg

Year 4 Teaching Partners:

Lex Daly/Trish Haines/Grace McIntosh

Year 5 Teaching Partners:

Donna Mallaburn/Hayley Kerslake/Kristina Radkova/Nicola Hall/Kristina Radkova/Sarah Cox/ Terri Godwin/ Jennie Jones

Year 6 Teaching Partners:

Carol Willey/Jennie Jones/Carly Halton/ Kristina Radkova

Teaching & Learning

  • MDSA

    Vikki Mitchell  (Senior MDSA)

    Szilvia Mountford

    Kerry Turk

    Antonia Greening 

    Sharon Gale

    Sophie Mitchell 

    Caroline Hogg

    Gail Cavanagh

    Sarah Cox 

    Hayley Kerslake 

    Emma Smith


    Caroline Freeman - School Business Manager Support

    Alys Davies - Head PA/Senior Administrator/ Breakfast Club Lead

    Julie Napthine -Administrator / Attendance Officer

    Paula Bourne - Administrator (Including Appeals)

    Roger Slater - Clerk to Governors

  • PaCSA

    Julie Sharp (PaCSA & Nurture Manager)

    Sarah Abbott (PaCSA Assistant)   

    Laura Rosenberg (PaCSA Assistant)

  • SEN

    Briege Bowley (INCO Support)

    Alisha McGuirk (S&L Teaching Partner)

    Sarah Cox (1:1 Teaching partner)

    Carly Halton (1:1 Teaching Partner)

    Nikki Beacham (1:1 Teaching Partner)

    Terri Godwin (1:1 Teaching Partner)

    Grace McIntosh (1:1 Teaching Partner)

    Sarah Cox (1:1 Teaching Partner)

    Kristina Radkova (1:1 Teaching Partner)

    Fathima Mohamed  (1:1 Teaching Partner)

    Rachel Hunt  (1:1 Teaching Partner)


  • Site

    Nik Marshall (Site Manager)

    Tim Berry (Grounds)

    Kerry Turk (Cleaner)   

    Frankie McIntosh (Cleaner)

    Jack Long (Cleaner)         

    Rosie Price (Cleaner)                                                                                                            

  • Catering

    Laura Jordan (Catering Manager/Chef)

    Anila Patel (Catering Assistant)

    Cherry Birt (Catering Assistant)

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