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SEND Information Report

From September 2014, the new SEND Legislation asks us to write an SEN Information Report stating how Coopers Edge School supports children with SEND and their families.

All of the information detailed can be found in our Inclusion Policy and as part of the Local Offer. Also as part of the SEND Legislation, we enclose our Admissions policy, which details admissions fo ALL children and our Accessibility Audit. These documents can be found below.

We will use the Information Report to summarise the work we have put in place with your children and how this has impacted on their learning. We will publish an end of year report in September of the following year.

If you have any questions in the meantime, then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Worgan at the above contact details.

Achievement for All

We believe the key to children’s progress academically, socially and emotionally is directly related to successful partnerships. The most vital partnership is between school and the family.

At Coopers Edge we aim to work with the family in ensuring that whatever we need in terms of support and intervention is facilitated through the partnerships we have established within and beyond the school.

We with this in mind we are now register partners with the charity Achievement for All and have begun a journey of improvement for you, your child and our partnership.

  • Achievement for All is a partnership between your school or setting, your family, your child and our charity.

    We have been working with schools, nurseries and colleges for the past five years to make sure that every child who has been part of Achievement for All is supported to be the best they can be - academically, socially and emotionally.

    Your role is critical to your child's success - you know them best, they spend far more time with you and your family than they do in school, nursery or college. The many ways in which you can help support them is crucial to them achieving a happy and successful future.

    Below we set out the key ways in which the programmes will support you but even if your school or setting is not yet involved with Achievement for All we have other information and resources which you may find helpful here.

  • How do the programmes work?

    Once a school or setting signs up with Achievement for All they are given a dedicated Coach who will work with them to identify what they are doing well, areas for improvement, and ways to make those improvements by developing and following an Action Plan. Key to its success is how parents and carers have the information, involvement and skills to support their child's education.

  • How will Achievement for All work with me?

    If your child is involved in the Achievement for All groups you will be invited to a Structured Conversation. This is a regular meeting between you, your child's teacher or key person, possibly other support staff and usually involves your child for at least part of the meeting.

    The approach is very different from the standard 10-minute parent's evening or progress reports you may have experienced before. The meetings last longer - usually 30-45 minutes - and you will receive some guidance beforehand so that you can think about what you want to say or ask and be prepared for the meeting.

    The point of a Structured Conversation is to have a proper conversation about your child - with the school or setting really listening to you, and your child, and exploring with you what the ambitions are or could be for your child.

    The school or setting will also explain what they would like to see and what they believe your child can achieve and together you will agree a plan that you will jointly work on to support your child.

  • How will I know what I need to do?

    You will jointly agree next steps for at school and at home - some will be very small others much greater. At the beginning it might sound daunting but don't worry - you will not be left on your own - the school are there to support you and your child and we all want him or her to succeed.

    There's very little that schools working with us haven't already encountered - childcare or work shift issues that mean you can't spend time reading with your child each day; maybe you don't have good maths or reading skills; perhaps you have a disruptive or difficult home life; or maybe you had a poor experience of school yourself and find even coming past the school gate a huge task. Let the school know your concerns - and then you can work out the solution together.

  • What if my child has special needs?

    It is in the interest of everyone involved to understand what the issues are for your child and make sure the right support is in place. Many special needs can be supported in nurseries, schools and colleges with the right help, training and processes and Achievement for All supports schools to understand if the practices they have in place are the best ones for them to use.

    If your child has a severe or complex need then they may need an EHCP (this used to be called a Statement) - this stands for Education, Health and Care Plan and the aim is to bring all the services together to make sure your child has the support you want for them and that they need. This is a relatively new process brought in by the new SEND Code of Practice in September 2014, but schools and settings working with Achievement for All are well placed to support you with this. You can find out more details here.

    If you would like any more details please visit the www.afaeducation.org

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